Agriculture & Silage


Producing high-quality silage feed for dairy and beef cattle starts with good forage management. Natural silage fermentation without the use of specially targeted silage cultures is often unsuccessful because:

  • They are subject to adverse weather conditions
  • Crop with low sugar levels cannot efficiently convert those sugars into lactic acid without the aid of lactic cultures
  • The pH level of silage may not be lowering rapidly enough to prevent the growth of spoilage bacteria such as E. coli and clostridium

BioSource silage cultures and culture blends contain select microbial strains to:

  • Reduce nutrient loss
  • Extend bunk life
  • Improve forage digestibility
  • Improve animal efficiency
  • Provide an alternative or adjunct to chemical/pesticidal products

BioSource has developed unique media formulations, cryoprotection and lyophilization methods to ensure maximum activity and shelf-life of your product. Please contact us to receive more information on our product specifications.

Our starter cultures are available in either freeze-dried powder packets or flash-frozen liquid cans.

With our in-house blending and packaging, BioSource can customize your product to your desired potency and pack size.

We also offer the ability to manufacture multi-strain blends, giving you a turnkey solution to producing a uniquely beneficial product.

At over 100,000 L of total fermentation capacity, BioSource’s manufacturing plant can gear up to whatever product quantities you demand. The size of our individual fermenters ranges from 50 – 2000 gallons, giving us the flexibility to run fermentations for orders large and small. We are committed to serving all of our customers, regardless of their size

Our SQF-certified, FSMA-compliant manufacturing plant, and rigorous quality testing, ensure that you will always receive a clean, safe product.

Our silage cultures are often used as an alternative or adjuct to chemical products. Below are some of the silage cultures we offer (available as liquid in flash-frozen cans or as freeze-dried powder in foil packs):

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